How to use

What you should know before using Bitener®

Nail biting is a bad habit, a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.

What to do:
STEP 1: Recognize the habit
STEP 2: Willing to change the habit
STEP 3: Use Bitener®

Bitener® is based on the 21-day ‘change a habit’ research. Use Bitener® for 21 consecutive days, see the results and feel better about yourself

How to use Bitener®

First time use:

Bitener® is an easy-to-use brush on pen. To activate the pen, please turn the back of the pen (only when using for the first time) at least 15 times. Make sure the brush is soaked before using.

Bitener® is a handy pen which allows you to apply Bitener® easily, accurately and quickly. Apply Bitener® to the edge of the nail, side of the nail, or on the cuticles if needed. We use the World’s most bitter substance, therefore it is not required to apply on the entire nail. Use Bitener® for at least 21 consecutive days to break the habit of nail biting. Why 21 days? Bitener® is based on the 21-day ‘change a habit’ routine, which suggests that any habit can be broken within 21 days. Bitener® dries within seconds and penetrates the nail, therefore it will not wash off. The bitter taste will diminish gradually over a period of aproximately 24 hours. Bitener® is suitable for adults and children from the age of three and older.

For more information, please read instruction for use. Download here.